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Another blasting question

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  • Another blasting question

    This may be a little off-topic of the forum but I knew someone here would probably know the answer. If you know of a better forum to try this out on please let me know.

    I'm going the route of creating a blasting room since I'm stuck working with some rather large items. Now just 10 minutes ago, fingers aching with pain, while I spent my forth hour sanding a piece of abs motorcycle fairing trying to rid it of it's existing paint the thought of blasting the plastic hit me.

    Is it possible to sandblast ABS and fiberglass as an alternative to heavy-to-mid grit sanding? Heck, can it even take the place of finer grits (1000-1500) too? That would save me days of work!

    Anyone seen or done this?

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    Using a heavy abrasive will do nothing but melt the plastic. If you'd like to remove paint from plastic/fiber glass try a poly abrasive or black walnut shell. Good luck.


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      ABS is a little more forgiving. You may be able to use the walnut shell pretty well on that one I'd think. The poly abrasive is also a good choice. I'd just tend to be a little more careful with the fiberglass is all.... you don't want to eat through the gel-coat on anything. I do believe after blasting fiberglass you might have to give it a good final hit with 2000-grit just to take all those little "pock" marks out. Another thought is baking soda? I dunno... somebody who's used that one will have to chime in. Good post to invoke the "thought process" though.