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Pressure or Siphon Sandblaster?

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  • Pressure or Siphon Sandblaster?

    Can someone help me understand the primary differences between either system and what types of applications you would use either for?

    Oh so confused!


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    Pressure Blaster = It is usually a prssure tank, similar to your air compressors tank. The media (sand, glass, etc...) is poured into this tank, then you screw the lid on or whatever it has to seal the tank. This tank has a air lines that are fed from your compressor. Basically what happens is your compressor pressurizes this tank, to whatever pressure you set, and the sand is blasted out from the gun attached to this tank via a hose. You have more pressure pushing the sand than a siphon blaster, in theory doing the strippinf quicker. Drawbacks are you usually blast outside so you have to contain the sand somehow or you will be wasting alot of sand. Which is about $5 bucks a 80 pound bag. A pressure blaster can be used in a blast cabinet, but you will need a higher suction vacuum than a shop-vac to keep the dust down, since this system uses so much more sand than the siphon blaster. More sand is thrown around and making it harder to see.

    Siphon Blaster = Are usually like a blast cabinet, the media is in the bottom in the cone section. You have a tube running down to the media, your gun attaches to a hose to the tube and also to an air supply. The media is actually "suctioned" up the tube from a high pressure/low pressure area caused by air rushing past inside the gun. These are like I said most in a blast cabinet, so you can reclaim the media much easier.

    I have both, if something I use is to awkward to use in my blast cabinet I use the pressure pot, but I don't like it. It gets the job done, but you get really dirty, picking sand out of everywhere. I suggest another thing here, if you don;'t have a compressor, save the cheap way out of buying a $400 compressor from Lowe's and such. Just because it says 5 or 6.5hp, doesn't mean it is. They rate them this way, but basically they double the speed on the compressor itself, making it run hot and it is not going to last for lots of blasting. I suggest going to a industrial compressor shop and check out what they have. You will make the blasting much easier on yourself if you pick up a "industrial" rated compressor, True 5 hp or even higher. I would stick with 5hp, unless you have access to 3 phase power, then you can go higher. A true 5hp will give you about 19scfm, at 125psi or higher. Look at the ones at Lowe's or anywhere in that price range and see what the scfm is, BIG difference, and a pain to use for blasting. The industrial, depending on what you get will cost between $1000 and $1600, but well worth it.


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      When Fireblade says the sand goes "everywhere", he isn't kidding. You get sand in places you didn't think sand could go Same thing for me... if it won't fit in my blast cabinet, I blast it outdoors. Very messy, but effective.

      I got a cheap blast cabinet from another company, and a used industrial compressor from a hospital. Sam's Club has an industrial compressor for $999 right now. It's 220v, 175 PSI, 80 gallon vertical tank, etc. Looks like a good unit. If I didn't already have one, I might go for that. Look for the 175 PSI pressure rating. From what I've seen, this seems to be the difference between the hobby compressors, and the industrial compressors. There is a 155 PSI oil-less compressor out now. That would be extremely obnoxious. I can't even imagine how loud that would be.



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        Always look for a 220v compressor that is 140psi or higher. The higher PSI usually does denote whether its industrial quality or not, mostly because the higher psi's are usually made with a 2 stage pump. They make slightly less True CFM, but give much higher psi, drier air, last longer and provide a faster recovery. Also, make sure your compressor motor, if 5hp or higher or 5amps her HP, has a magnetic starter.....without it on that powerful of a motor it will fry in no time from use. Whatever you do, DO NOT get anything 110V, and do not get anything that is oil less, you'll regret it for sure. There is a company i know of that sells REALLY nice quality compressors for a really good price, if you are looking to get something new. They warranty the compressors nicely and they are a no BS company. Let me know if you'd like their contact info. Good luck.