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Removing powder coating?

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  • Removing powder coating?

    Hey everybody I am venturing into the world of anodizing. I am running into some aluminum parts that are powder coated. Are there any available chemicals that easily strip powder coating?

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    I'm not for sure if Caswell offers a stripper, so smack my hand for saying this if they do. But the best that I have personally used is "aircraft stripper" Wallmart sells it for under $4 a can. Just spray it on, let it set, than hose it off with some high pressure water and if it doesn't remove it all, give it a second coat and use some S.O.S. pads to finish removing the tuff areas. Just make sure that both the part your stripping and the stripper itself is at room temp around 70 and that you let the stripper do most of the work, let it set for at least 15 minutes.


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      Just thought I would throw this in here. This is a past thread on the same subject. Just thought it might be of more help.


      • #4 ~ stripper for powder coating.