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creating matted finish

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  • creating matted finish

    I want to know how to make the finish of powder coating dull and textured. The texture I want is bumpy, almost like a fine sandpaper. I've heard of a finish called hammer tone but I don't know if that is the same as what I'm thinking of. Do you have to get a special powder or do you use additives? And, where do I get these powders or additives. What are they called?

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    You buy the powder already this way and apply it the same way as other powders, no addittives required. What color are you looking for? Caswell has some "Black Wrinkle", "Red Robin Wrinkle", "Military Blue Wrinkle" and "Forest Wrinkle"


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      correct. Powder formulations "are what they are" in a sense that the compound is already made for you. Finished products can range from a stipple (what you are looking for) to a wrinkle, to a hammertone and all through the gamut of textures. Remember folks, it's not just the colours that are being added to by leaps and bounds everyday.... it the texture as well.