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What do I need to powder coat ATV ?

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  • What do I need to powder coat ATV ?

    What would i need to powder coat an atv frame ? what supplies would be necessary ? Does anyone here do powder coatin on an atv frame ? If so let me know! Please help me !!

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    I love when they start off all nice and end with pleas of help,lol.

    Welcome to the boards! Cruise the posts on how to use the stuff I'm gonna throw at you below,k? Any more questions..... g'head and ask. ~ you'll need a powder coating set-up, first of all.

    and some powders (pick your colour) ~ ~ some phosphate primer for adhesion would be nice.

    of course, that's only after you've sandblasted all of the old coating off first ~ ~ woo hoo! 10% off all the blasters right now!!!! (aren't you the well-timed lucky one,hummm?) ~ no doubt you'll need to cure that powder...... unless of course you have an oven that will fit your frame.

    need some inspiration? ~

    need more inspiration? ~ ~ mask those threads unless you want to chase em all with taps and dies

    oh dear..... did you just do something wrong and need to strip powder coating? tsk tsk tsk ~

    Well.... outside of all that (which covers just about every base,might I add) you only have to supply your own compressor. Read the posts here, no doubt your question has been answered numerous times before already. BUT...... if you have a question, or comment please feel free to start a new thread and we'll no doubt be able to help you the best we can. After all..... what fun is it if we can't all jump to be the first to "help out". Glad yer here,bud.... have fun with it all, Russ


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      How well do those lamps do the job of curing the coat ? About how long would it take to cure ?


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        How about some kind of heater ? Check out this one. The lamps are quite pricey.

        Please get back to me !


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          Reddy-Heaters are great for making your workspace warm, but totally not an option for powder coaters. For one thing, they'll blow the powder off of your part,lol. I know the IR lamps are a bit pricey but think of it this way. Can you afford to go out and buy an oven that will accomodate an ATV frame right now? Even at my cost, those things are expensive. They may take a little longer to cure the powder but what you save in keeping a large footprint of an oven in the middle of your garage and the cost of the larger oven versus just "your time" will equal out for sure. There's a thread here that deals with the battle between "buy IR or build/buy a large oven". I suggest you read it and you may walk away with a few good ideas on what direction you have to go in. Personally speaking... if I were working out of my garage and was doing ATV frames and needed to keep it viable as a garage.... I'd more than likely buy the IR lamp and be done with it. Few in here would dis-agree with that. However.... your case may be different. You may have a larger than normal work space to play with. You could have enough talent to build your own larger oven. I don't know these facts and you do. Therefore, you have to make your own decisions. Read the threads and look at all of the troubles and dilemma's we've been through here and I have no doubt you'll snag some valuable insight as to what's best for you. If after you've done that and still have questions.... come back and put a few specifics down so that we can help direct you in the right area,ok?..... Russ


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            would a heater like this honestly work ?

            Its a 4000 watt heater


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              These things you are posting are space heaters and nothing more. They won't create enough concentrated heat to cure powder. There is no cheap way around it. If you really want to make the investment in powder coating equipment go for the IR light and do it right. Good luck.