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  • Silvaspray Update

    Just an update here for everyone who read about trying the Silvaspray on a non-conductive material. I do not do liquid paint anymore and I no longer have the equipment to do so. I do however, have a cousin who does paint cars for a living, so I talked to him and he is going to spray the piece of MDF I gave him when he gets a chance and then I will test this. He said he will probably not be able to get around to it till the first of the year, he is visiting his family and will not be back till the 2nd of Jan. So I will hopefully find out something soon. Thanks Caswell for the Silvaspray.

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    Fireblade- when you go to powder MDF here are a couple of things to know so your test results are more accurate.
    MDF contains 4% to 8% moisture that will outgass horribly.
    Use a low cure cycle for better results.
    If you preheat the board to approx 130F the moisture will come to the surface and help conductivity.
    Also MDF smells funny when baking but don't worry it won't burn below 400F especially with electric oven instead of flame oven. This takes a long time to heat soak and even longer to cool so allow extra time for warm up and cooling. To test your conductivity don't preheat, without bringing the moisture to the surface the stuff will hold almost zero powder.


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      Ahhh, good thing to know Dale. Thanks for that bit of info, which would of really thrown off the results if I had not of known. Then again, I don;t think I would of preheated the MDF anyways, will now. I was even thinking of doing something like a phenolic plastic, which HOPEFULLY doesn't have water in it But I am not sure if it is conductive or not, hmmm I will have to check my McMaster-Carr catalog and see what the properties of it are. Maybe a even better test piece than the MDF, at least to eliminate any inherent properties of conductivity. Thanks again


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        If you want to try plastics, acrylic sheet is rated for up to 350F so you could cure at 300 and should be ok.Plus this is only a couple of dollars for 1ft squares.


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          Fireblade.... any updates or progress in this area you can tell us about yet? Just curious.... Russ


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            I'm still waiting on my cousin, he is slow to get stuff done. He is finsihing up painting a tube chassis car right now, and the guy needs it done quick, he has to take it somewhere else to get the motor/driveline done before the season starts. So, my little experiment has fell to the back burner, I will try and talk to him this week and see where it stands.