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  • flash over/burn rate

    How much danger of a flash over is there with p/c?.How flamable is the powder itself?

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    by flash over and volatility, do you mean it's ability to "detonate" if dispersed in mid air and a viable spark or flame is near it? Extremely. But then again.... common household flour is even worse. (stunning yet true fact). If it's just sitting there in a pile and you were to throw a lit match on it, would it explode? Nope.... but then again, flour won't either. It's an organic and in it's natural state, is no more harmful to you than common household flour is my point. It's true, some care should be taken when handling because not everybody goes around trying to ignite flour,either. OSHA holds no special requirements (as of this writing) to treat it any more differently than any other organic "nuisance dust".... but personally, I like to be extra careful. Make sure your grounds are established on metal around you. Don't smoke or have open flame near you when you're coating, etc etc. If you were thinking of holding a propane torch in your hand while coating near a fireplace and 10 coating guns are spraying at once with no ability to remove the powder from the air, sure.... I'd probably expect to get a heap of fire thrown my way. Otherwise... if you follow standard "shop safety" precautions, you should be fine.... Russ


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      I had a flashover once while applying powder. I got the gun too close to the part, and a spark jumped from the gun to the part, igniting the airborne powder. It wasn't bad, because the part was small, and there wasn't very much airborne powder to burn, but it sure scared me!



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        and have we learned are lesson now,hummmm? lol As stated before.... no more rock-n-roll lightshows,people. Stand back from the part and you'll do just fine (and get a better coating while yer at it)