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Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question

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  • Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question


    I have a few questions about sandblasting before I make any purchases. I am new to the Sandblasting/Powdercoating scene and I have done my share of
    research but I just want opinions about what to buy.

    I am looking to Powdercoat automotive parts. Like for example rims, intake manifolds, valve cover etc....

    I know about all the prep and the sandblasting necessary for a good powdercoat job to be successful.

    Heres my question:

    Will This Set-Up Work for what I want to do?

    10 Gallon Tank Hot Dog Pneumatic Portable Air Compressor 3 5HP Motor 125 PSI | eBay

    3.5 peak horsepower .
    Durable cast iron cylinder.
    Oil-lubricated motor for long life.
    Delivers 7.2 CFM @ 40 PSI, 3.5 CFM at 90 PSI.
    125 PSI maximum pressure

    with an Ebay Sandblaster

    Portable Handheld Air Sandblaster Sand Blaster Kit Rust Paint Remover w 4 Nozzle | eBay

    Portable sandblaster kit
    Comes with (4) nozzles
    Handles glass beads, sand, aluminum oxide or other abrasive materials
    Minimum air compressor requirement: 3HP & 90 PSI
    30LB capacity seamless polyethylene hopper
    5 feet rubber hose
    Heavy duty sandblaster gun with hardened steel nozzle

    Let me know what you think!!!!


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    Re: Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question

    Unfortunately you will need a lot more air than that little compressor can deliver. As far as the blaster itself it is hard to say how well it will work. I have the Harbor Freight portable abrasive blaster and have used it a few times on items that I don't want to blast in my cabinet and it works pretty good. Just remember that blasting with a portable blaster you won't be able to re-use your media and it gets everywhere unless you make a room to do your blasting in.

    The small blasting setups won't take off existing powder coating so keep that in mind if you are doing parts that have been coated from the factory.

    The bare minimum I would recommend is what I'm using now which is a 60 gallon compressor rated to deliver at least 11.5CFM at 90psi and a blast cabinet to work in. Even with my setup it is slow going on some stuff because to use a large nozzle blaster you need a ton of air so I am limited to a small nozzle which only blasts small areas at a time so it takes a while to properly blast parts.


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      Re: Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question

      Sorry to tell you this but Dysan is right you are far from what you need if you want to blast wheels .
      even the set up that Dysan has is minimal, it might get jobs done but if you want to powdercoat wheels to make money it won t work because it will take you way too much time to get the wheels blasted.
      that thing says 3.5 hp but that is peak horspower my guess would be more like a 1 hp at best.


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        Re: Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question

        Not to mention that thing is $700!!! thats a joke, they are $50 on Amazon for the same blaster!


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          Re: Noobie, Sandblasting Set-Up Question

          I am just getting into powder coating too. However, I have been sandblasting and prepping my own parts to save money when I do contract out my paint jobs. Looking at what you posted, you are far off from a good setup. I would go on craigslist and find a good sized 60 gallon air compressor with a decent CFM. Even with my 60 gallon tank, It kicks on quite a bit when doing motorcycle frames, etc.

          Second, go to harbor freight and for $20 you can build a bucket and a media blast kit. All you need is some hoses, plumbing parts and a gun with some ceramic nozzles to shoot. Search online for examples and build one for super cheap. I have four different ones, for glass, sand, soda, and shell or aluminum oxide. (yes its excessive but so nice to switch around when needed on the fly and not have to worry about setup or prep.

          Third, get a cabinet or build a cabinet to shoot the media in. You can save your lungs and reuse a lot of your media blasting in cabinet. I have three different cabinets now and I think I paid $60 for each one on Craigslist. You just need to wheel and deal.

          I think I own two of these... Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Sandblasting Kit -


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            Hey guys looks like you might be looking for blasting media. You can find much of what you are looking for in bulk at TCR Blast Abrasives.