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    Im thinking about buying an ir lamp to go with my caswell gun. i have to do an atv frame. Now for example say the cure time is 40 minutes and the lamp would have to be moved. Would i move the lamp to the other side after 20 minutes or would i move the lamp to the other side after 40 minutes. I dont want an under cure or an over cure. Thanks

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    one one "section" is cured, move the lamp over a few inches and keep the cycle going. You'll eventually work your way around the entire part until the whole thing is cured. It takes a lot to over-cure most any powder, so I wouldn't be all that concerned with it.... even if it is your first time out. I have yet to have anybody come to me in recent memory saying they "burnt" powdercoating due to an over-cure. Good luck with your purchase,bud.


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      but if u leave the lamp on too long wont the color become dull or does that take a while ? thanks


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        Sezer...... you're an inquisitive one, I'll give you that much. However... you REALLY should go through and read the posts before asking all of these questions because these have all been answered before. For sake of the newbie's..... I'll answer again,though. Powders have a 100% "overbake" built into them. That is to say.... if you cure something for 30 minutes at 375F, you could *almost* assume that you can leave it in the same situation for 30 more minutes with relative safety. I wouldn't leave it that situation for longer than the recommended cure cycle.... but if you're doing something and forget about it for an extra few minutes, it's not really a crime. The powder is just that forgiving. Hope that helps..... and PLEASE read past posts. Of course... if you have any further questions, ask..... Russ