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    I am in the process of rebuilding a car from the frame up. So I am going to do a lot of poweder work on it. So I have one question that might be a little of the "duh" factor. But first off I see a lot of talk in regards to ovens and IR. It appears to me that the oven method is the preferred choice of curing. So here goes, does curing in a (electric/know that much, ha) oven contaminate the oven, ie. do not want to cook foods again?

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    welcome to the boards!

    Yeah, it's a pretty safe bet that once an oven is used for powder, it should stay that way. I suppose you could get away with the process once with EXTREME care and not get yelled at.... but who powder coats just the one time? Go out and find an oven to put somewhere and keep the powder safe from your pizza, and the pizza safe from the powder


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      After I had posted and talked to wife, she asked if I had to use her over, hahaha. I will find a cheap oven and do in garage now. Thanks for the tidbit anyway!