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  • First Time Coating Results and Questions

    I got a powder coater for Christmas and have been playing with random powders I picked up from Caswell since and had a few questions...

    On of the powders I am using is the chrome. I think it works great and looks excellent, but I am getting some mild orange peeling effects. Can I sand down a powder coat and reapply?

    Also, why do you need a clear coat, or why is a clear coat recommended on top of the Chrome powder?

    Slightly off the topic....but are the fumes/powder harmful to breath? Do I need more than a dust mask when coating/curing?

    Thirdlife Creations

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    First of all.... it's nice to see you were on Santa's "nice" list .

    yes.. you can sand over and re-coat over the "chrome". Go a little thicker this time and it sounds like you should be fine.

    Clear coat depends on where your part will be for it's life expectancy. If it's inside or won't be in the UV rays.... I've always tended to leave it as a one-coat process. Everybody is different, I guess. A little more infor on that matter from you would be very helpful.

    While coating... the dust is nothing more than a nuisance. A dust/particulate mask to keep it out of your air passage is more than sufficient. The fumes from curing are a different story. Try and ventilate the area to minimize exposure. Are you experiencing a large amount of fumes? If so... you might want to lower that temperature and cure at a lower level (maybe why you're getting some orange peel?). A dust mask has no effect if there's a lot of fumes around you as it's now a gas. Ventilate the area. While the fumes in a small amount aren't going to kill you per se, over time or if a large amount, they might make you sick. Just use caution when curing things and common sense and I have no doubt you'll have very little if any problems.

    Good luck with it all and remember... have some fun with your new toys


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      Thanks for the prompt reply!

      I was using the Chrome on random scrap steal pieces I had laying around just to see how it looks. I was planning on building some speaker stands and using the chrome powder on them....

      In the future my room mate was thinking of using the Chrome on his bike frame which would get a fair share of abuse from the sun/engine/exhaust heat. I've read that some of the colors work better in these situations, is that true?
      Thirdlife Creations


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        nahhhh, unless it's going to be bashed all the time, or outside in the elements... not really necessary to clear coat them. Others would say I'm wrong, but that's nothing new. Speaker stands can just be coated and enjoyed, I don't see a major issue with that.