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removing scratches and restoring shine?

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  • removing scratches and restoring shine?

    I have powder coated some jewelry components and in the process of cleaning them up, i left some scratches in the coating. How do you remove scratches and restore shine to powder coating?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Depending on the severity of the scratch, ou can wet sand it just like you would paint on a car. I'd give this a shot on a junk piece first just to get the hang of it. Get some 600grit wet sandpaper (all the grits I list here are wetsand paper), keep the paper wet and sand in one direction till the scratch is gone, then use 1000 grit, do the same, then 1500, then 2000 if need be. Once done sanding the powder will be a dullish color of whatever it was originally, this is best done on solids or clears only, I don't recommend this on textures or metallics, I am not sure it is even possible to do those. Then break out some polishing compound or even clearcoat polish, and a polishing wheel (if you have one, makes the job faster) and buff that piece back to a shine. With a small piece of jewelry you said youre working on, you should be sanding the entire surface where the scratch is, not just the scratch itself. When sanding the entire surface, the scratch and the surrounding powder will be sanded down together.


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      Augest! glad to see you're back here with us. Any pictures of your neckwires? If it's on the website, how about shooting us off a link in this thread?