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Tips for doing engine fins?

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  • Tips for doing engine fins?

    Does anyone have any tips for coating engine fins? Like air-cooled V-Twin type fins. I'll be doing mine and it seems like they are gonna be a bear.

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    tips as far as coating inbetween the fins? I've never had a major issue with it but then again..... I was always able to throw a larger volume of powder at the problem to overcome it because I didn't want to stand there and wait for things to coat,lol. I'm betting it will apply easily enough to not be such a pain in the back. You might be surprised how the "tough looking" jobs turn out to be the easy ones and the ones that you thought were going to be a breeze are actually the most problematic for some reason. Keep us posted with your results. Sounds more time consuming than anything else I'd be willing to bet.


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      If your using a hobby gun, you will run into the Faraday cage effect with the harley fins. Not all them will do it, but some will. I had to heat up the cylinder to get the powder to adhere all the way into the bottom of the fins, I tried multiple ways, but that is what I ended up doing to get it all coated. It actually was better that way, I think, because it gave a more even coat than trying and trying to coat the recesses. If you kept trying, you would have a thick buildup on the tips of the fins, and possibly harm heat dissipation. It can be done, but it took a little trial and error to correct this.


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        Thanks for the tips. I'll actually be providing moral support to the guy doing mine so I'll pass them along. I will be sure to post the results.


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          dirty trick for you

          I hate to share this but okay for you guys. I powder Harley jugs all the time and this works. Clean very well like normal. Then I fashined a fixture to hold them horizontaly for powdering. Then you just rotate slowly and let gravity lend a helping hand. Kinda like roasting over an open fire. You want them well , medium or Rare?


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            Another good tip, thanks! No worry, I'm not about to become competition. This is private use only.