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  • What's wrong here......

    Let me start off that I know I have a good ground (I think) . I got an oven and the results are 10 times better however, I have the air pressure between 10 to 15 psi. The part has been sand blasted and wiped clean with thinner. The problem is I am not sure if there is enough juice going through the gun, as for if I am any further than 6 inches away about 90% of the powder goes past the part. I understand that there is going to be some blow by but if I would hold the gun 18 to 24 inches away I would get better results from a can of spray paint if I dropped it within six foot of the part from a 10 story building .

    Should I "feel" a bit of a charge if I held the part with the ground attached and sprayed it?

    Also I think that 2-4 inches away is a bit close to get good results, Don't you?

    Thanks, Dave

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    it certainly sounds like a ground issue to me. Even at 2-4 Kv (insanely low voltage for any gun) epoxy should stick quite well. How old is the powder, has it gotten damp, etc etc...

    what are you grounding the part to? Is the thing that you are grounding it to (metal rod for hanging, etc) attached to a good ground and is clean of all types of debris? Sounds like two things ( bad ground and old powder maybe?) happening at once. Are more areas coating than others? (I.E. ~ are you having a Farraday-Cage effect in tight corners?). What's going on around you.... is there a volume of air rushing by and taking the powder with it? How old is the gun and was it abused or dropped at any point? Throw down some answers and we can maybe get to the bottom of your problem..... Russ


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      Just curious but did you try a lower air pressure?Mine only goes above 10 psi if I'm doing a large area. Also try connecting ground directly to the part and check for difference.When grabbing the part you won't feel a charge however don't touch the electrode at the tip of the gun or it will wake you up rather rudely!! For a groung test after spraying a min stop spraying and touch tip of electrode to the hook and see how big an arc it draws discharging the transformer, it will be a short quick spark but you should be able to hear the crack if it is grounded well.Don't keep it touching just bump it and get it off. Or you can grab a digital volt meter and check for resistance and continuity between the part and a known ground.