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Pictures of process and equipment

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  • Pictures of process and equipment

    Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. Quite often we come across the old " how did you do that" type of scenario. This is where you can post your photo's of techniques, solutions to equipment woes and the like. Of course.... discuss the results and such within the threads to be nice to the dial-up users, please. *JUST* the pictures and maybe a short description of what we're looking at would be more than helpful. If you have pictures of your finished parts using Caswell products, the Album is always looked at by all here.

    Just so we can generate some ideas for this thread... these are things (but not limited to only these ideas) that would be helpful here.....

    Coating technique (standard and "fade" pictures before cure)
    Racking solutions (how do you hang a part for coating or place it in the oven for curing?)
    Blasting room solutions ( care to show off your abilities on how to build a blasting solution?)
    Coating booth solutions ( what does yours look like and what did you make it out of? )
    Compressor issues ( did you install one with an aftercooler or figure out some neat way to keep that air dry?)
    Oven issues ( did you build one on your own and care to share the results? Maybe you even have a killer IR set-up and would like to show how it's used correctly while in process?)

    Again.... just the pictures only, people. All discussions to be held about photo's in the threads as it gets kinda tough for the dial-up people to keep searching through everything,k? Thanks!

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    NOBODY wants to submit pictures in this thread of thier coating booths or set-ups? Tell me yes or no and I'll eaither whack the thread to clean up around here or keep it if you guys want. Just thought it would be useful is all..... Russ


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      NO don't whack it!!! I'm waiting to see what everyone has. So i can figure out how i should setup my stuff. I really would like to build an oven, but all the big stuff has to be put on hold for now . Buying a house right now! Non-stick is right though a picture is worth a thousand words.


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        ill take some pictures of my stuff tomorrow.

        here are some pics of what ive done so far... im still learning, so go easy.


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          powder coated header?

          Will this work? I thought you needed a high temp powder for the headers.


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            you do... thats a cracked dsm turbo manifold. i got bored and wanted to do something. no one will ever use that part.


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              ummmm... good work on the coatings, but this thread was more of a "what does your coating booth look like" and "what does it look like when you are coating your widget" type of stuff. I like your results, though. Anybody else have anything of what I'm looking for?


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                Things Like this?
                My home made Folding Sandblast Cabinet. not finished yet.

                In it's folded (sleeping) state


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                  Mailbox being baked in out General Motors oven, circa 1970. It is already coated with Black Chrome and this picture is during its second baking with High Gloss Clear. Kind of funny how the clear actually sprays white and then turns transparent. :P



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                    Work space is a 1/2 car garage so Yes!
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                      i under stand work space .... i got a 24 x 32 building but i only got a 16x16 square to work out of ... i got way to many toys


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                        Well here is my steps and my 1st PC Part!!! It is a air cooling tube for a V6 Fiero. I think it came out real nice for my first try. I did manage to discover that PC will not fill in scratches very well I also did not notice any Outgassing at all! I used Gloss Black Powder. Well Here are the Pic's

                        Here is the tube sanded and cleaned ready to be blasted. I found out playground sand works real well for cleaning but sucks for stripping!

                        My Infamous Folding Blast cabinet ready to go!

                        The part after the blast cabinet in the booth waiting on my sorry butt to get set up!

                        And My Folding Spray Booth ready for action!

                        Man, parts look fuzzy after getting coated!

                        Or is that just my crappy camera??

                        Here it is in my NON-FOLDING oven just before being removed.

                        And here it is cooling. I love it, it came out 10000x better than when I started and it was real simple! plus did not tak a whole lot of time, well It took me a long time as I am still learning

                        And I also made a Folding PArts Arm to hold the parts!


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                          you need to watch using playsand ... it will mess up your lungs


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                            He's serious about the play sand Noob2pc. Do a google on silicosis. The bi*** of it is, by the time you notice the symtoms <sp?>, its too late. Its a problem that propogates itself over time. Small cough now, can't breathe in 5 years... PS. If you can smell the sand, you're f****** up (just my 2 cents, think about it)


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                              I am trying to find a source for glass beads and Alum Oxide here in town . I used a mask and a extration system for the blast cabinet. I figure using play sand 3 times will not kill me (18years of smoking was probley worse).