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Powder coating a 57 chevy dash cluster

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  • Powder coating a 57 chevy dash cluster

    Hello everyone I am just getting into powder coating and ran into my first problem that I hope someone can help me with , I have 3 57 chevy dash bezels that I powder coated and all 3 of them bubbled very badly, I media blasted them and prepped them like I would anything else, I have had no other problems with anything else that I have done so far. The metal I would say is Dicast metal.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    bubbled as in outgassing (looks like tiny volcanic craters all over the place) or bubbled as in there was anodize or something else under it that lifted from the metal under your coating? Be careful you don't have solvent popping happening there. It looks like outgassing a lot. It happens when you've cleaned the part to be blasted but there's still solvent left in the pores. When the part is heated, the solvent "pops" out because it's changing from a liquid to a gas (again, this is why it appears to look very much like outgassing.... because basically it is) and escapes the pores. Go to the tips and tricks section to read up about outgassing and how to overcome it if this is what is happening to you. Maybe some more details as to what is happening, type of coating you're using, etc would help. Thanks..... Russ


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      Like a million vocanic craters.


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        sorry... I just edited what I wrote... please re-read. If you need any further help or want discussion of this, I'll be in the chat room waiting for ya,k?


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          Thanks Russ gotta run now but maybe can hook up tomorrow


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            we're always glad to help and look forward to your results.