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  • Clearcoat over Powdercoat


    Could you please tell me if I can spray a clear coat (high temp spray can-paint) over my newly powdercoated valve covers? Will this harm the powder?

    I have a decal that I need to put on the valve cover and I wanted to clear over it to make sure it sticks well and to protect it.


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    you should be fine, people paint over powder all the time.


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      Re: Clearcoat over Powdercoat

      Wow, on my other forum (PFF for those who might recognize the abbreviation ) this would have been archived looooooooooooong ago. Being new to this whole business, I was wondering the same thing myself. One of the issues that I noticed someone had a problem with was that they had a motorcycle part that was partly powder coated and part polished metal. There were responses that indicated that powder coat was not water proof, but I didn't see where anyone had mentioned recommending using a clear coat over the powder.

      What kind of guidelines do you guys go by when deciding when or not to use a clear coat?

      I've spent some time replacing parts of my engine and engine compartment with powder coated parts...

      and wonder if I should have taken the time to clear coat them? It certainly seems to make sense if it's a part that will be exposed to the elements such as a side mirror for instance...


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        Re: Clearcoat over Powdercoat

        I did spray bomb clear coat over powder coating on a friends rims. It works surprisingly well.