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  • Hey Dale

    I dunno if this fits into the "services offered" section just yet (don't wanna post it in there if you don't do it). In regards to your picture postings : The CNC work that you did on your parts, can you do that on valve covers if one of us wanted to? Is it too much of a bear to set it all up and such? Just curious because I have some parts that I think would benefit from that type or treatment and I'm guessing others here do as well. Too much of a hassle for that sort of thing, or do you offer that in your shop for people also. Let us know if it's something you're interested in doing or if it's too much of a bear to deal with. Thanks,bud.... Russ

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    CNC ?? please explain for the dummy


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      Computer Numerically Controlled, basically you design what you want to cut out, draw, etch, mill down whatever on a computer using CAD software, CAD= computer aided design. Basically you draw the blueprints of what you want to make, then import it into a program that you plan out the vuts or tools used to make the cuts you want. Then the CNC lathe, milling machine, plasma cutter, laser whatever cuts it out. You never have to redo all your work, it is saved on a disk and you can redo this again and again. My friend is getting a CNC plasma cutter up and running here shortly, and it is a impressive sight to see. I have to train him on the CAD, but once he understands it he should be ok.


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        Sure, if someone wants a special image, logo, or custom design we can mill it in at a reasonable price. Valve covers or whatever aren't much of a problem.Feel free to e-mail scetches or drawings for price.


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          *goes and digs up every valve cover he can find to keep Dale busy for the next 2 years straight*... heh heh heh.... boy oh boy do you have an e-mail coming at you soon,bud. Thanks for the info, both of you. Appreciated greatly.