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baking in an oven?

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  • baking in an oven?

    what settings is normally used for powder coating.(bake,broil,ect.)
    I know the temps will vary on metals but what is a good method for curing after flow out? would i need to turn down the temp so i dont singe the powder? I am new at this!

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    Welcome to "da boards" bud. Glad you found our happy little family.

    Bake should be good for anything you do in that oven. No need to adjust temperatures or settings,etc. Just put it on the desired temperature for the set amount of time and take it out when the time is up. Nothing more complicated than that has to be done. Personally.... I like baking my epoxies out at 410 for 15 minutes PMT and then just removing from the oven. Poly should be aboput the same. Read the Tips and Tricks thread (sticky at the top of this listing) for some good areas to get accustomed with.

    Again.... welcome to the powder coating threads..... Russ