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what kind of stove should i use

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  • what kind of stove should i use

    i really appreciate this forum a lot of great info.....when you mention stove are you talking about a regular kitchen stove...or some sort of industrial oven...i have a old electric stove i was thinking about using...i hate to be redundant this question has probably been answered before..but i'm a little confused so i am going to use the "newbie" excuse...thanks for all of the great help...chris

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    Chris.... welcome to "da boards". Yes... many use your typical kitchen stove as thier primary oven to cure powder coatings in. It need not be new, nor does it need to be pretty ( there were some pretty ugly avocado green ones out years ago when I was younger). It just needs to heat internally to a temp hot enough to cure the powder. If the top heats, even better! You can cook your hotdogs for lunch while waiting for things to come out of the oven,lol. Again..... welcome, Russ


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      thanks dogs anyone?