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Powder coating ovens (small table top size)

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  • Powder coating ovens (small table top size)

    I'm looking at buying my first oven for powder coating small parts (football size and smaller). I have looked at toaster ovens and small high quality convection ovens. My question is: does a convection oven (small table top size) offer any additional benefits over a typical toaster oven and am I even in the right ballpark for my small parts curing process?

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    It's just my opinion, but I think a convection oven would cause too much turbulence and possible disturb the powder before it has a chance to cure. Turbulence that causes food to cook faster can mess up your powder. I would personally go for a non-convection oven.



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      I'm with Hemi on this one. The convection air in an oven like that is a wee bit too strong in certain spots. While it's true that "on the whole" the industrial ones move a massive volume of air, it's "softer" that the home use ones. For smaller parts, I wouldn't worry about it o much like you would with car rims or the like. Go with the regular old oven-type method on this one I say.