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Help finding curing method!

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  • Help finding curing method!

    I am interested in finding something that i can cure with using propane.
    I am not sure what size heater i would need or what kind. just want to be able to do larger objects than what can fit in the oven.

    Thanks for any help now and in the future.


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    I can't offer much advice in the way of curing with propane as I don't reccomend it all that much. If you have loose powder around an open flame source you could risk ignition of the powder. Not to mention, those propane heaters are very costly to operate on a normal basis and not very maneuverable around things like roll cages and bike frames, etc. I'd *suggest* going with an electric IR before planning on the propane route. Just my opinion. I know others in here have done it before and while like I said before... 1 time out of a 1,000 somebody will have a problem with safety. For me.... it only takes that one time ( and it ALWAYS seems to happen to me,lol) to want to avoid blowing myself up.


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      being a fire fighter .. i would agree with non-stick ... it only takes one spark and you may just bring out the sticks and hot dogs ,,, you already got the fire triangle there ... 1. fuel ... 2. source....3.. ignition point ....i have not used that one in 5 years ,,,


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        I know some of the guys use propane, but I have actually experienced a powder flashover on a very small part. In my case it was ignited by a spark from having the powder gun too close to the part while coating. Even on a very small part, it scared the hell out of me. If you had a big part suspended for curing, and something bumped that part causing uncured powder to fall into an ignition source, well let's just say I wouldn't want to be around. Safety first. I have a friend that was badly burned in a shop accident (not powder related), and it's just not worth it. Just my $.02.



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          hi hemi-t, been looking for you please e-mail me.