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Suitable filler for porus metals

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  • Suitable filler for porus metals

    I'm powder coating some items that have some pitting and or roughness on the surface. Before I powder coated I was spraying the items using epoxy paints and would use JB Weld to fill the pits. When powder coating what would be a suitable filler that would stand up to the heat and would be compatible with the powder?

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    this stuff works great.

    I have also used metal putty and lead to fill and smooth.


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      The lab metal is highly recommended ( thank you, drfjr). In the tips and tricks section, I believe there's a snippet on it and a good note on "being careful" when using it as it's really.... REALLY tough stuff to sand down. So don't go glopping it on hoping to shave it off like bondo or any other metal filler. A little goes a long way