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  • Home Made Powder Booth

    I am thinking of using a cardboard box. Its actually a old computer box. I am planning on trying to use a smaller shop vac to suck up the excess powder, but just not sure where to place the hose at. (Towards the top, bottom, or in the middle of the backside of the box? Any ideas would be great and helpful. Oh, and should i use like furnace filters to help catch any of the powder or just let the vacuum do its thing? Where can i get the sifting screens at? I cant seem to find any screen that matches any of the mesh # that were posted some where on this forum.

    Thanks Mike

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    cardboard boxes have been used here with great success. I'd place the hole dead center in the back. Whether or not to use a filter is up to you. Some do, some don't. Personally I'd just let it free flow and have the most suction you can have. Try it with a little bit of filter and let us know how it works out please. As for the screens... I have no doubt they are being looked into for the best way in how to be offered for you guys and something will turn up shortly for purchasing options.