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  • Newby needs Info

    I am very interested in powder coating motorcycle parts at home. I am interested if this is possible? What exactly do I need?..the gun, a home made booth and an oven? Is that it? Also, how do you cure parts in an oven?

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    Read through the previous posts it's all been covered several times, then if you are still not sure post your questions again.


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      That was kinda blunt!

      But Dale is right, you could read every post on here and when you were done you would be a pro!(or close to it)


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        Tips and Tricks is a good place to visit first if you don't know exactly which route to take when first starting. I personally revisit it a few times now and again just to brush up on the simple things that are easy enough to forget as well. Like the boys said.... if there's anything else you need after reading most of the posts here, don't hesitate to ask.....Welcome to the wonderful world of powdercoatings!... Russ