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  • From the booth to the oven

    I am building my own oven and was wondering how you guys get your heavy parts such as bike frames ect. from the booth to in the oven? I'm by myself around here most of the time.

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    If your booth and oven are large enough, and extend fully to the floor. Then you can build youself a roll around rack, basically the rack holds it up during the coating process, and wheeled directly to the oven and cured while still hanging from the rack in the oven. This is of course your rack can the piece you are curing can fit in the oven. OR buidl yourself a overhead track, which allows the piece you have to be slid from the booth to the oven, kind of like a ski lift, just not going up. They make these types of overhead racks, and alot of companies that do high volume work use them.


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      I'd imagine a baker's rack will be fine just as Fireblade described. There are also ovens where the rack slides into the oven chamber and it's quite successful. Others often use overhead mono-rail type conveyors but it's nothing more than some casters on an I-beam and a hook. How heavy a part are we talking here? Use your imagination but of course.... safety first


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        Lots of different carts

        Here is a link from that will take you to the carts section with a good selection of of carts you can use for powdercoating. I Use an A-frame for my parts in the shop and find it works great for handing large or small parts. SJF also has used carts available but I prefer a new cart dedicated to powdercoating that is free from decals, paint rust etc.

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