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    Hi everybody,

    Has anybody been able to locate a local supply of the powder coating gun cups?

    I was thinking that maybe some tupperware variant might be able to do the job. I looked around at my local Wal-Mart and the likes but haven't been able to find any.

    Also, on a side note (cause I didn't think that this warranted a new topic) do you know that if you ever printed something on a laser printer or photocopied something you were in essence powder coating? Realized this not to long ago.


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    Caswell sells extra cups for the coating guns. Or are you talking about just regular type containers to store things in? Check around the dollar stores for tupperware containers to store powders and the like in if that's the case. Probably the cheapest alternative you can find,no?

    Also... you are correct almost in saying that you are powder coating when you print of photocpoied something ( some fax machines as well). Technically you are "embossing" because it's an ink. I'll give you this though..... it's applied much the same way. As a matter of fact... there's actually a tiny little dc transformer in there that creates a 2Kv supply to make the ink-powder stick to what it's supposed to and then heat and pressure melt it into place. Neat how one thing is like another,huh?


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      Hi Ross,

      I'm actually looking for the cups that go on the gun. It would be much more "conveniant" for me to have a local supply of these cups or some sort of suitable replacement.

      I only have 4 cups now and about 20 different powders and the constant cleaning of the cups is driving me nuts as well as hindering my process time. Also, it would be nice to have a cup that I can spray out of as well as store my powder.




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        at the bottom of the page, PROD PCCUP is what you want. I agree with you on the cleaning part. It's best to keep one for blacks, one for whites, another for clear,etc etc etc. This way when you make a changeover... if a speck of something traveled through, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Hope that helps.... Russ