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Powder caoting cars (ect)?

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  • Powder caoting cars (ect)?

    Has anyone ever heard of someone coating cars? I saw a race car that someone said that it was powder coated. It would have been like mirror black. If it wasnt powder coat then someone did one heck of a job buffing it. It had no buff marks and far from having any orange peel. If it was powder coated what about the fiberglass hood? Can you do some thing like that? Even Hard turning body lines were perfect.

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    You can powder coat cars. As long as you have a big enough oven you can powder coat a jumbo jet. You would have to completely gut the car so only the metal frame and body at left. Theres another site that for its project is powder coating a Jeep TJ.

    I think that a fibre glass hood could be powder coated. If you picked the right fibre glass and the correct epoxy I think it would withstand the 350?F~400?F temperature of curing. You would have to paint the bare substrate with some type of conducting material to get the powder to stick.

    Just my 2 cents.



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      I've never done it, but I would think large body panels would warp at curing temps, and not be usable. I guess it depends on metal thickness and other factors.



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        just like the guys said.... theoretically it can be done without much hassle. Bigger oven and more care yeilds bigger results, parts wise. I've seen/heard of many cases where fenders,doors,hoods,trunklids,frames etc haveall been powdercoated, so why not a unibody or some sort? I'm doing nothing more than re-itterating what the boys said on this one.... it can be done with some care and planning.