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  • Fish eye?

    well i just tried a bit of powder coating but my end results wern't that great, i did an altinator casing which came out with what would be called "FISH EYE" if it was painted with regular paint, they are practicly little air bubbles, has anyone had this problem and know how to solve it?

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    If you preheat the pice to be coated will it make the powder melt befor you are done coating it and befor you can get it in the oven? And will it hurt the coating job any?


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      It shouldn't, the first bit of powder may stick easier than if it were cold, but it doesn't matter that much if it starts to flow out before it is in the oven. Your only other problem could possibly be excessive buildup.


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        Was it fully cured?
        Is it a 'last' part?
        Sounds like out gassing
        To remedy this
        1. Preheat part over the cure temp
        2. paint and cure
        3. If it still happens, we have an anti gas primer available.
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