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  • 21" Rim

    I would like to powder coat a 21" dirt bike rim black. However I don't think my home oven will accommodate such a large item. Any suggestions?

    I'm sure someone has done this before, I have heard that people have used propane heaters with some success. Any input would be helpful.

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    You can use a infrared light to cure the powder. They are sold on here, I think, or if the cost of it is prohibitive to you and you are not going to be doing large parts, maybe send it out to someone who can. Sounds like a business ploy (I can handle such parts! lol) but in actuality, if this is the biggest piece you are going to do and nothing else this size, you need to figure the cost of the rim getting done by others and the cost of the IR light and your usage with it. Just a thought, good luck


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      I think I'm going to figure out a method that doesn't involve buying a $300 lamp. I'm sure I will be dong more than just one rim. Once I take my bike to the track I'm sure a lot of people are going to be asking me "where I got blue rims" so I think there is a little money to be made!!


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        there's always money to be made

        If you plan on doing more rims in the future ( as I'm sure you will once people learn that they can get them done by you) the 300 dollar investment in a tool that's going to make you money isn't such a bad thing. The cost over a few sets of rims is absorbed and then it's basically free equipment from thereafter.


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          email me at [email protected]