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  • New 2 Powder coating

    Hi guys Im new to Powder coating well I never actualy done it yet, my
    question is does it emmit fumes when being baked? Can this be done inside
    the house? I have a old stove in the basement but I dont want fumes throuhout the house.

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    it's preferable to have some sort of vent or open window when curing powder,yes. I DO NOT suggest using the oven in your kitchen. Not only will your significant other be rightously angry with you for messing up the oven, but you will find powder and all manner of things in there making it impossible for you to cook in after that. I suggest putting the dedicated oven somewhere where you can vent any gases/fumes easily and make public relations in the house all the better. Near an open window or door is fine with a fan pushing air outside. I've seen hobbyists do that before, and I've also seen vented exhaust fans over the stove to push it all outside. The fumes don't come from your part as much as they do from all of the excess powder that gets trapped on elements and on the oven walls burning off,etc. Safety first, ya know

    by the way..... welcome to da boards. Glad you're here.....Russ