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how would i apply multiple coats of different colors?

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  • how would i apply multiple coats of different colors?

    ok, say i want to put down an 'aluminum' basecoat first, then follow up with a 'candy blue'. should i put the aluminum on first and bake it THEN put the candy blue on? or should i put the aluminum on, then spray the candy blue on THEN bake? thanks. also, about how long should i be letting these items cook? ive been doing 400 degrees for 20 mins... is that too long?

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    You would want to spray the aluminum and then bake it, and then you would want to spray the candy blue. I am assuming the candy blue is a translucent. The time that you posted sound right to me.


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      ok, what about putting 2 coats of powder on something? for the most shiny finish, should i use the first coat only? what about gloss... i bought a 2lb thing of gloss, but havent really used it. from what i did, it tends to dull the color (reflective chrome). is it safe to do 2 coats of the same color, then say a clear coat?


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        You can easily apply more than one coat of powder. I have applied a second coat a number of times where I missed a small area on the first try. Just re-coat the whole part, and cure again. The first coat will not be damaged at all. You can put a third clear coat over the top too. Just do the coats one right after the other... in other words, don't wait a day or more between coats, or the part could become contaminated and the next coat might not look good. Let the part cool, then re-coat just like the first coat. This is what makes powder coating a relatively "forgiving" way to finish parts.



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