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what are similar powders from caswell to eastwood

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  • what are similar powders from caswell to eastwood

    i've been using the almost chrome ,super gloss clear and the bright red like you would put on a brake caliper are and what are the comparable powders that caswell has compared to these from eastwood thanks in advance

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    We're not ignoring you. I can only speak for myself, but I've never used Eastwood powders, so I don't know how they would compare. Caswell's powder gun and powders are less expensive than Eastwood's, so there really hasn't been any incentive to try them. Maybe no one else has either



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      Have you ever had a problem with applying powder and tried getting any assistance from Eastwood about it.
      Theres the biggest difference.
      Caswell has this forum here to help. Chances are, it's already been discussed and you don't even have to wait for a reply, just read some the past post.


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        i just want to know if these are the same color as the ones i mentioned because i allready had a eastwood gun and i used those powders and wanted try out the caswells powders but wanted confirmation on the comparisons so my stuf will match with the powders i am useing now get it


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          all powder can be shot with the hot coat ... caswell got alot better price and i got a hotcoat... i shot powder i bought on ebay with it ,, and i am about to place an order with caswell for powder ... what is nice about caswell you can call them during hours and get tech support .. other companys just sell you the item and from there you are on your own ... i have been happy with every thing i got from caswell and they are a phone call or an email away .....


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            If you meant are the shades of the colors an exact match-no. Every manufacturer's powder is a bit different due to formulation. However they all will spray through your gun. (exceptions always exist) There is nothing that says you have to buy all your powder from one supplier. Remember quality standards are different from one supplier to another.


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              I can only speak on what I know for certain..... Caswell has "fresh" powders and they are stored well until you are ready to buy them. They are used industrially under the trade name H.B. Fuller worldwide with no problems. I have no clue where Eastwood gets all of thier powders from but storage and proper handling are more the key here than anything else. Yes, all powders that you guys spray are *basically* the same and can all be applied electrostatically. As far as buying powders from individuals over the ebay type sites, I generally don't. It costs next to nothing a pound for a reason. You have no clue how old it is or where it's been stored properly, if at all. Do you want to put all of that prep effort into your parts ( or worse, a customer's parts?) and put a cheap defunct powder on top and have to strip it? I didn't think so. The best bet is to stay with a proven winner in the field of powder coatings whom you can rely on. I can speak firsthand after using a lot of the products here.... Caswell is that very company ( not to mention, you get the joy of talking to all of us... who can beat that? )