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    Hey i need some answers on this problem i have.
    I live in a country that uses 220 voltage 50 hz. what i am wondering about is: will the "kit" work with 50 hz (i dont think so, but need your advice)? is there any other kit out there that is ready for 220v?


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    Hmmmm, don;t quote me on this, but I know some pieces of equipment run on 60hz or 50hz. I believe the only time you will run into a serious problem is if you had a piece of equipment that pulls a drastic load. I also believe there may be converters that you can use to change this. You may wanna try and take a search online for voltage converters and see what you come up with. Where are you, Europe? If so, look for a European voltage converter.

    Hertz, I think, is the amount of cycles the electric travels, kind of like power pulses. The higher the Hz, the more pulses there are in a shorter amount of time or length.


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      First you would have to split that 220 down to 110 most electricians can do this easily. The 50htz will make your transformer heat up but for short interval use it should hold up ok.Just plug in and powder then unplug. You will need a US outlet to match the gun.Also they probably won't warranty this gun due to the wrong Htz if it should fail. I would hunt around and try to find one sold in Europe then order US powder, this might eliminate this problem.


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        My hunt is on for an europe version! But seems hard to find. Well i have found some voltage converters for a good price, so that should not be a problem. The ting that worries me is the hz, if the gun will function right.

        Yes you could split! But the system and laws here is different from yours i think about electricity.. So its better to go with a voltage converter, to bad you cant get a cheap hz converter.