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whats the best way to go about two colors on one part?

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  • whats the best way to go about two colors on one part?

    ok, i mean not 2 coats, but two different colors... say on a 4 banger valve cover, i want to do letters in one color, like chrome... and the rest black. can i tape off the letters with normal masking tape, then powder black then bake? then do the chroming for the letters next followed by a gloss over all? little advice please, im still a noob...

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    Yes, you can do multiple coats in different colors. If you used a black coat first, then taped off the lettering and did a red coat next, then remove the tape and clear coat the whole cover, that would work. You would have a red valve cover with black letters and a clear coating. Your finished (top) color might vary a little depending what the base (bottom) color is. If you cover a black coat with a red one on one cover, and a white coat with red on the next cover, the shade of red could vary due to the difference in bottom coat color.

    You need to use green (high temp) tape for masking letters. Regular masking tape won't cut it. Curing temps do bad things to masking tape. Caswell has high temp tape available online.

    Good luck!



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      thanks, just ordered a roll from caswell!