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  • proper air pressure

    Hello fellow PC'ers......... What is the proper air pressure for applying powder coat color I purchased a used machine some time ago with no instruction sheet..
    A special HATS OFF to Russ for all the great info in "tips & tricks"...
    Thanks All..........

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    I think most of us spray anywhere from 6 to 12 psi. Sometimes you have to vary it to overcome the Faraday cage effect.

    I also vary my spray pressure based on the part that I am coating. Find whats good for you, just don't go over 15 psi. If you find that its spray too much or too little powder adjust accordingly.



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      What kind of machine is it? Most DIY home pc guns are usually 10 to 15psi at the machine. Make sure you pick up a good regulator with a gage on it, and put it at the inlet on the gun side of the airline. Just be aware that you might be turning it up or down depending on the condition of the machine. A good regulator should be less than $15. Don't forget to get a good water seperator to keep the moisture out of your gun and work. Good luck


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        Has anyone runs these guns on a very small compressor?

        I'm trying to obtain the LEAST CFM requirement to obtain a good result

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          I would think one of those 2 gallon pancake tank compressors would have more than enough capacity for PCing. With our low pressure requirements, you could even use a 5-6 gallon portable air tank (without a compressor) and a regulator to do the job. Fill it up at the local gas station and go to work PCing. The portable tanks are usually $20-$30 at WalMart, and the pancake compressors are in the $100 range at Home Depot. Maybe even less at someplace like Harbor Freight. At 10-15 psi, you have lots of choices!



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            I'd be willing to bet that any of the small compressors(2.5-5cfm) would be plenty. You begin to run into trouble when you try to media blast with a small compressor. As small as the lines on the gun are, and with the low pressures, I would think the volume is less of an issue.


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              I will be getting a 4.5 HP / 21gal vertical one with these spec's $159.99 Harbor Freight, gotta love them!
              125 PSI max; 4.4 CFM @ 90 PSI; 11.1 CFM @ 40 PSI

              A lot overkill for PC but I am also using it for automotive work so I need the power. I would rather spend the Extra $ and get one that fits my worst case and use a regulator for when I powder coat.


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                For powder coating that is a very good compressor. But you mention that you will want to use some automotive tools with it so I can tell you right now that its way underpowered. With 4.5 CFM @ 90PSI you could probobly run a small die grinder okay, anything else and its going to choke on you.

                If you're actually thinking of using some auto air tools my advice is to get a bigger compressor.