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Second coat after a few days

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  • Second coat after a few days

    Can you put on second coat after several days. I am fairly happy with the finish at this time, but I noticed a couple of thin spots and I would like to put on a second coat. The part has been sitting for a few days - untouched. Can I just wipe it down w/ acetone-MEK and recoat it? How about clear on top of the second coat? I've read some posts that mention not waiting too long between coats. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I had a headlight ring that I used the chrome powder and then used the red translucent on and the red was a little thin in areas like you were talking about. Well this part has been sitting for weeks and i decided to try another coat of the red translucent on it. I first blew it off with the air gun and then wiped it down with denatured alcohol and then let dry then coated and cured it. Need less to say it came out excellent there was no more thin spots it all looked the same. Since that went well for me i would not see any problem why it could not be cleared after that coat. Maybe i'll try it for the heck of it later. If i do i'll post back here to share the out come of it.