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    I have to powder coat aluminum plates with special pigments. I've already tried to mix them with a clear polyester TGIC and sprayed the mix on my plates. The problem is that the pigments that I use are much more heavy than the clear powder. Is anybody have a solution for keeping my mix homogeneous when it's fluidized? Or maybe another type of clear that I could use?
    Thank for your time

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    Do you need to spray the clear and the "special pigments" at the same time? Or can you do the pigments, than the clear?? Another way, not sure about cost effectiveness here, especially if you already bid the job, is to shoot another coat of clear on top of the first coat. The build up of the second coat may lay flat.


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      I have to spray the pigments and the clear at the same time because those pigments are not made for powder coating especially. They don't melt at all, so I have to mix them with the clear to keep them in place.


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        I have a black wrinkle powder that has a rat holing problem in 18" square hopper, so I installed a air cylinder driving a H shaped shuttle across the bottom of the hopper. This shuttle has nozzles across the front and is 1" above the bottom to stir and sweep the hopper, and is tied into the booth backpulse timer and cycles every 6th backpulse.

        Also on special applications Nordson uses a fan blade suspended on a shaft mounted on the top of the fluidizer driven with a air powered gearmotor to constantly stir the paint for this reason.