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    Just wanted to know what types of filters that you are using out there? Are you using multi-layer set or just one. I was looking at the filter that is use in the store bought booths and they use 3 filters back to back.

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    I use a high quality furnace filter. Most of the store bought booths are really made for liquid paint and need more filtering because of the VOCs. I've found that a high quality micro particle furnace filter does a great job. I haven't had any powder on my fan yet. Just remember that these filters will clog rather quickly and need to be vacumed or replaced quite often. I am thinking about stretching a pair of panty hose over the top of the filter to catch the larger particles and extend filter life. Also, if you do build a booth using an exposed filter like I did, make sure you keep a can of hair spray handy for when you change the filter. Just coat the dirty filter with the hair spray to keep the powder in the filter. It kind of defeats the purpose of having the filter if you spread the captured powder around your shop when changing the filter.


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      I'm going to build a 3ft. deep by 5ft. long booth. I have a 16 inch. squiral
      fan from a house furnace and was going to have 2- 20x26 filter's.
      Does this sound large enough to do the job?
      Art in Peterborough


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        That sounds like plenty. Just make sure you are using at least one filter capable of capturing mold spores. Although I would think that the fan might be a bit much...How many CFM is it? My booth is 3ftX3ftX2ft and I'm using a 500 cfm fan which seems to be fine. Mine is also configured as a down draft type. Not enough air movement is bad but too much is equally as bad. You should be able to feel the air flow in the booth but not to the point that it pulls the powder away from the work piece. In my case the powder is noticably moving in the direction of the filter. If you spray with the fan off it kinda just hangs there for a while. In your case the size of the booth is bigger so I would say between 750 and 1000cfm would be adequate. Going above say...1200 cfm might cause the powder to be sucked away from the work, especially if you are two or three staging something. Besides if you go with 1000cfm and don't feel it's enough you could always block off part of the filter to create a venturi effect to move the air faster. The other option would be to use a dimmer to lower the speed of the fan until it's at a comfortable rate.


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          bzer1, did you ever post pics of your booth's ventilation setup??


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            I have not done that yet. I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to take the pics. I will do that. Sorry guys.


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              I have not done that yet. I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to take the pics. I will do that. Sorry guys.