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  • Make Your Parts Glow

    3oz of our new glow in the dark powder coating additive in 1 lb of powder will make any powder coated part glow in the dark for up to 10 hours.

    The additive works best in light colored and clear powders.

    We're already looking forward to seeing some really cool pictures of glow in the dark items.

    See to order and for more information.

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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    looks very nice!!

    I've already got some on order. I'm hoping to use this on my brake calipers that are getting coated "safety yellow". This should realy stand out at night time. I enter my car in car shows and a smooth touch like this is bound to score some points. I'll be sure to post pics before and after once it's complete. I' expect it to be finished next month.


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      I've played around with some similar stuff. Looks awesome in an engine bay with a black/UV light. Looks good during normal light but when the sun goes down


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        One of you knows how powerful is the light produced by this additive? Is it week or you can really see something in the dark with this stuff. Is the coat uniform or is it full of spots? How is the finish, flat or gloss?

        I already use powder like this but I just put it in urethane lacquer. Powder coating it would be very interesting but I need a minimum of light from the part.



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          as measured in lumens, sam? I'm not exactly sure how to answer that but maybe I can shed some light on this subject ( stop groaning, you guys love it,lol).

          The actual product has been used for years in injection molding processes with great success. Injection molders use *pretty much* like compounds that we as powder coaters do. Did you ever see one of those neat glow in the dark keychains? Well.... same stuff, basically. Immediately after the light source is removed the glow is intense and bright. Slowly over time it loses value until hours later it is but a faint glimmer of it's original self. Well, this substance in powdercoating is no different. Use your maximum suggested ratio in your topcoat and it's very similar to what you should expect from those keychains. Over time it will lose value, but you simply recharge it again after that point. Hope that helps.


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            Thank you for your answer, but I already know how it works. I'm just wondering how intense is the light because for my application it have to be very powerful. In this field, they measure it in mcd/m2 (milicandela). I think the best way to learn it, is to try it.
            Or maybe someone have some pics of what it done in the blackout.



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              can't wait

              I'm having a hard time waiting for my new building to be built so I can try this out. I'm hoping to do bright brake calipers with this and I want it to shine out from the wheel well. It looks very promising.


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                Application question


                Can this powder be added to another color of powder (like the new color-shifting prism powder Caswell's just added), and will that affect the color of the glow?

                Will this powder withstand being used to mix with the powder for coating a motorcycle engine?

                Is it strictly an additive to another color, or could it be used by itself over a white basecoat, and if so, what color would it be in daylight?



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                  What colors of glow will you have available?
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