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Anyone using the UV or IR lamps to cure.

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  • Anyone using the UV or IR lamps to cure.

    The topic pretty much says it all. I just built a new shop on the back of my house to powdercoat in and I was searching for a dedicated oven to cure in, but someone told me about these 1500W curing lamps and I was unsure how to use them or if they'd even be suitable for what I'm hoping to do. I do a lot of car parts and would need something that can cure on all sides. It looks as though the lamps my only cure one face of the item. Can anyone enlighten me??

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    Matty.... welcome to the boards.

    An infrared light works upon the wave principal. ( we've been over this before somewhere and I could have sworn I explained it. If somebody knows exactly which thread, post a link please as I'm just getting back into the swing of things here). The "light" only cures what it can see. Of course.... if there is a reflective sheet on the other side to help capture and bounce the waves back, it would be of great benefit to you. It helps that metal come up to and hold temps quicker and any stray rays will be forced back onto your product. It's a great way to coat something too big or bulky that won't fit in your oven. Industrial coaters have been using them for years with great success. Hope that helps.


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      good advise

      Sounds good I will line the walls of my spray booth with shiny aluminum sheeting then to help reflect the light back on to the piece. Mainly I'm going to be doing automotive pieces like valve covers, manifolds and piping. with the IR lamp piping might be difficult due to only one side being in direct light.

      I may be mistaken but I was under the impression that the light only needs to heat up the metal not neccessarily the powder. I was planning on spraying my valve covers as they hang on the rack and then turning it around and letting the light heat the the metal up and the metal would cause the powder to flow. I must be confused. It might benefit me just to hit the thrift store and pick up an oven just to be safe.

      Please advise....I'm going blind trying to read all of these unrelated topics.


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        You do cure it by part metal temp. And Yes the safest and easiest way to cure is with an oven.