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  • Well done, everybody

    Unfortunately I've been away and extremely busy this past however long but, I just wanted to say well done on holding things together. The " old warhorses" who were experienced before I even came on board will agree, I'm sure that the newbs of 6 months ago have come a long way. If you don't believe me, just research past threads and look at where you were when you first started as opposed to how experienced you are now. It's nice to see that not only have you grown as coaters, but you are able to help other new people in this "hobby" much as you were helped back then. In talking with Caswell he and I both expressed our happiness with how well you've been helping each other out on this board. I must say, now that I have a chance to revisit quickly I can say it to you first hand how correct that statement is. A big welcome to the new people. You've found a good place to learn from those that have been there before you. Take thier words of advice. For the people that have grown in the past 6 months ( and especially in my absence) well done indeed. You now have your basic principals down to a science and know what you are doing. Kudo's to you for helping out the new people as you were helped out way back when.