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    New to powdercoating but love it. I've done several pieces and ike the results. Question is this.....I've been letting the oven get to tempeture, but dont know if the part is. Does the part itself need to get to the oven temp, then start your bake time. If yes, then should I get an I R thermomete?
    Thanks for the help

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    Yes, the part itself must be at the cure temp before the timing starts. If it takes 30 minutes to get the part to temp and the cure time is 15 minutes, than the part must be in the oven for 45 minute to reach its full cure.

    Yes, an IR themometer is almost a must.


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      so even though the powder looks cured, the part has to remain in the oven or with the IR heat the part has to reach lets say 350 degrees before its acutally cure. example.

      Valve cover, powder needs to be at 350 for 15 mins. The powder is melted but part is only 250 degrees and has been in the oven for lets say 20 mins. it needs to be in there longer? I had a valve cover on the IR heat and it started to turn black with the black chrome! well 1 part anyways. I also noticed the longer I left the heat on the chrome the shinnier it got... man. I need a thermo laser...
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