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DO NOT blast with play sand

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  • DO NOT blast with play sand

    Blasting with play sand generates large amounts of silica dust. The particles can be fine enough to escape most dry dust collectors. Nuicance dust masks do not provide adequate protection from the dust. Only a high level filtration mask will protect you if you insist on blasting with play sand. Here is a link to a fact sheet on the disease called silicosis that is caused by exposure to silica dust. This is important reading for anyone who does a lot of sand or bead blasting. Glass beads may create hazardous dust as well. As coaters, we sometimes have no idea what is contained in the coatings we are trying to blast off the parts to be finished. I would urge everyone to invest in a good filtration(respirator) style mask. This is my opinion. I am not a doctor, just a concerned member of our little micro-community at the Caswell BBS.

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