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What Temp for Pre Bake???

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  • What Temp for Pre Bake???

    What temp do you pre bake at to prevent out gassing? Aluminum and Magnesium? What about Cast Iron and Stamped Steel? I guess they don't need it. How do you test aluminum rims to make sure they are just chrome and do not have a clearcoat on them? How many of you do contract work for Motorcycle and Auto shops in your area? How many parts per shop do you average?

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    Jeez, Don't we have a lot of questions this morning

    I outgas at 450 deg. for 15 min. Then cool comepletely and coat as normal. Any cast material should be outgassed before coating. I nver outgas stamped or machined billet parts and have not had any issues with them. As far as the other stuff, I can't help you. I don't do any automotive work. That's right, I said I don't do any automotive. shame on me :P