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How long to WAIT?????

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  • How long to WAIT?????

    When doing a 2nd Coat, How long do you wait. I discovered 45 min is not enough, it gets cloudly!!! Oh well, time for a thrid

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    noob, maybe I just got lucky but I've recoated right out of the oven and havent had any problems..
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      Same here. Done second coats a few mins after the have come out of oven and no problems. Only problems i've had is with translucents going over chrome. They really dont cover well unless the part is hot.


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        I had a caliper that I did with Chrome and trans purple. The trans purple I did when It was hot came out really dark! I mean really dark. Didnt look good at all. The other that I did with another caliper that was cold came out nice I think. I mean it worked. My only problem is that i need to use that IR temp reader, because I use IR Propane instead of an oven. I need to pay more attention to my times and types of powders to use to I dont over cure epoxys.

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