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Dual Color combo's

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  • Dual Color combo's

    OK All you Wizards out there. When you do a multi color combo, Do you mask off the smaller area and coat the large area first or the other way around?

    How long do you cure the 1st coat prior? Full Cure?

    How long do you wait till you do the 2nd?

    Also Preheating will let you know if you cleaned all the oil off the part. Valve covers can hold a lot of oil underneith and will smoke you out very quickly

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    I got a book from columbia coatings that explained this, And after I have done 1, I have about 8 more valve covers to do... I did what it said. Mask off the big part first. coat, and half cure it. after its just turned from plastic, you can unmask and mask the letters off and coat the rest of the item. I recoated to where I can handle the part with my hands so temps are up to you. I remasked and coated while hanging on my wire. then partially cured it to where I can pull the tape off the letters and fully cured it. It came out nice. the guy was happy he sent me another 20 for a tip, Dont know why, but its cash! lol so now i have more people wanting this done, its not hard, just takes time. you'll most likly remask after a couple times because a slip will take the knife elsewhere, but its worth it in the end.

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