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    Yes I am new, so I hope I do this correct. I have already bought the CASWELL POWDER COATING SYSTEM. I also have puchased and tried the FLAMBOYANT BlUE powder with success. I see why the hobbie becomes addictive. My question is what type of powder is reccommended for guns. Preferr a black.

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    Welcome to the board, if you haven't already been welcomed.

    Now do you mean what type of powder is suitable/recommended for your powder coating gun or what color/type powder is suitable for powder coating guns (aka. fire arms)?

    If its the former than I can only recommend powder that is made for powder coating"."

    If the latter than I would either recommend a TGIC Polyester or a epoxy powder because of its higher scratch and impact resistance.

    Thanks for posting,



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      Thanks alot. I guess I should have made myself a little clearer. I did mean firearms. I will order some very soon. Do you have any expirience with PC firearms. Do you coat the inside of the chambers of Automatic shotguns or do you tape them off. Would the coating affect the tolerance between the parts. Also would the PC make it rust proof. Like I said earlier, I am new with a thousand questions and trying to read as much as possible. Other than this forum, I have not been able to find any info.


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        Never did any firearm powder coating but looking at it from a logical point of view I would not coat anywhere where you have heat like the inside of the barrel. Also, don't powder coat things like the firing pin. Also, I wouldn't powder coat anything that has movement like the firing bolt or the inside of chambers.

        My best advice I can give you is look at your firearm and carefully inspect it and see where metal to metal meet and anything that might look if it has close tolerances. You should be spraying your powder at 1 to 2 to 3 mils thick. Btw, a "mil" is a thousandth of an inch; 0.001 of an inch. With firearms these days even 2 mils can make something from a tight fit to an impossible fit.

        Sorry if I couldn't give you any better advice. Enjoy powder coating. Its fastly becoming the most popular hobbyist metal treatment.



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          i would not p/c the chamber ... that will case problems in the long run or injury or death ............... i seen first hand what happens to a person when that happens..... i had to do 100 hrs with the morgue....