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    I have already purchased the Caswell powder coating system. How larger of an object is the gun capable of coating. I have read about some guns being 20KV and some 16KV. Will the gun I purchased do a motorcycle frame. Should I move the grounding clip to different parts of the frame. Does the Caswell on line manual cover powder coating? I am thinking about subscribing but it would be a waste if it does not cover PC. In some of the other articles I have read they mention IR propane heat. What does IR stand for?

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    You should be able to do a motorcycle frame with no probem. Ground is the same at all points of your work as long as the material is uninterrupted. IR stands for infrared. IR can be used to cure a frame, but you really need to pay very close attention to the temp of the area being cured. In my opinion the best method would be convection, but an oven that big might no be convenient. The Prod M2000 on this site looks like a winner to me. The price is good and it should do the job pretty well.


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      Thanks for the advice. It really helps a newbie like myself. Thumbs up to CASWELL for creating this forum.