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diff in powder coating guns

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  • diff in powder coating guns

    i have a hot coat gun this gun is ok. it dose what i need it to. i was just wondering if the caswell gun dose a better job. i like caswell's powder better. the hot coat pro gun has 25000 v mine has 10000v what dose the diff. in the voltage do. what applications would that gun be better for because their is a big price diff. just looking to upgrade.

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    Diff. PCing Guns

    I believe the PCing gun Caswell has listed for sale is made by NuLine, correct me if I'm wrong. The hot coat pro gun seems that the only difference is that it supplies a voltage from 10,000-25,000volt adjustable at 20 micro amps and color changing is just a bit faster. The hot coat original supplies a constant 9000 Volts at 15 micro amps. Not really worth spending $600+ I wouldn't think. So far I haven't heard of anyone not having enough power to powdercoat anything. I'm just fixing to start PCing and this is information I've read so I'm new to all of this. Hope this bit of info helps.


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      caswell's powder coating gun is a good one .. but that is more a hobby gun . you can get good results from it . and i own one like it ... the pro's use a better gun like the hot coat .... i got one of them both ... and they both get the same results so ifyou are just starting out caswell's gun is the way to go ... and if you have problems with it they will replace it and help you out any way they can